Business House
Foundations: We are a Business House with a century of entrepreneurship and risk taking in countries across the world. We honour our heritage, knowing that we stand on the shoulders of those who went before us. Our ancestors teach us that the impossible is possible.

Our story is the building of a Business House on the foundations of big dreams, courage and integrity. We put principles before profits, knowing that character is destiny.
Honoring our Inheritance: Inheritance is what each generation receives from the previous generation, and what they pass on to the next. Those who went before us had a value for character and hard work, a gift for business and an ability to discern the times and seasons of industries and the rise and fall of nations. We want to be a “good ancestor”, building on this inheritance and leaving a legacy for others to build upon.

Edward F Chandler, 1903
The First Chandler Entrepreneur
New Zealand Retail
Big Dreams, Small Beginnings: The Clermont Group draws on more than a century of Chandler family business experience. Chicago-born Edward Chandler founded Chandler & Co, an advertising firm, in Auckland, New Zealand in 1903. His son Robert and his wife Marija opened Chandler House, a department store in Hamilton, New Zealand in 1973. In 1982 two sons, Richard and Christopher, joined the business. The company grew to include a department store in Auckland and a chain of fashion stores.

Chandler House Department
Auckland, New Zealand, 1984
Sovereign Global
Global Markets, Epic Stories: Capital and investment are essential to vibrant and healthy economies. Sovereign Global was one of the early investors in emerging markets, often investing at times of political and economic uncertainty. Sovereign started by investing in Hong Kong real estate in 1987 and went on to being among the first portfolio investors in Brazil and Russia when they transitioned to market oriented economies in the 1990s. In the 2000s Sovereign returned to Asia investing in listed companies in Japan, India and South Korea. Sovereign was passionate about the importance of good governance to building champion businesses and strong economies.

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Clermont Group
Building World-Scale Businesses: In 2006, following the demerger of Sovereign Global, Richard F Chandler established the Clermont Group with its headquarters in Singapore. The Clermont Group is a business house passionate about building businesses which contribute to the prosperity and well being of the communities they serve. We build businesses in healthcare, financial services and aerospace.