Hoan My is Vietnam’s leading private healthcare group. Comprising 15 hospitals and over 5,500 employees, Hoan My serves over 3.8 million outpatient visits annually. In 2017, Hoan My was awarded the Labour Medal by the President of Vietnam for its achievements in medical services, charitable activities and contribution to building the country.
Small businesses in India contribute over 35% of the country’s GDP and represent a US$ 350bn financing need. And yet, for entrepreneurs and small business owners, capital can be a scarce and vital resource.

SBFC has provided over 200,000 loans to customers through our 125 branches across 90 towns and cities.
Eviation is a pioneer in the electric aviation industry. In the coming months, the Eviation Alice will take to the skies for the first time. As the world’s first all-electric 9-passenger commuter aircraft – built to make air travel an affordable, sustainable, quiet alternative for regional transport – this will mark a historic moment for aviation.
magniX is passionate about acclerating the world’s transition to electric flight. We have developed an environmentally-friendly electric propulsion system that powers passenger and cargo aircraft.
Clermont Capital is our in-house investment management division, managing our proprietary capital. Since 1986 we have invested in national champions in emerging and developed economies, contributing financial capital and innovative ideas to strengthen both corporate governance and business sustainability.
Corinthia Investments allocates capital in private markets across a range of industries. Corinthia owns 10% of OakNorth, a London-based bank which is pioneering internet-based financial services for entrepreneurs and growth businesses in the UK.