30 August, 2019

The Clermont Group Acquires Majority Control of Eviation

Singapore investment group Clermont has acquired a majority stake in Eviation Aircraft, developer of the Alice all-electric business and commuter aircraft, and has pledged to turn the Israeli company’s “vision of electric flight into a commercial reality”.

Clermont entered into an agreement in January to obtain “majority control” of Eviation. The deal concluded in late August, with the investment group securing a 70% share in the venture.

Eviation joins electric motor developer MagniX in Clermont’s portfolio of clean-technology firms. The Redmond, Washington-based start-up is developing the 375shp (280kW) Magni250 motor as a power option for Alice buyers. Siemens is the other supplier. MagniX is also developing its 750shp Magni500 for installation on de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver seaplanes operated by Canadian regional carrier Harbour Air.

Clermont chairman Richard Chandler describes Eviation and MagniX “as highly complementary platforms, both focused on making the dream of sustainable flight a reality”.

He says electric aircraft “will shape the future of the aviation and transportation industries, making air travel cleaner, cheaper and more efficient”.

“We are at the dawn of a new era in aviation and Clermont is investing in innovation to lead this transformation,” says Chandler.

Eviation unveiled its first full-scale Alice prototype at the Paris air show in June, and is now preparing the type for its maiden sortie at the end of the year.

Three aircraft are pegged for the flight-test campaign, says Eviation, with certification and service entry of the nine-passenger type expected in 2022. US regional airline Cape Air is the commercial launch customer for the Alice, with a double-digit order for the nine-passenger type.

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