We are a Business House with a century of entrepreneurship and risk taking in countries across the world. We honour our heritage, knowing that we stand on the shoulders of those who went before us. Our ancestors teach us that the impossible is possible.

Our story is the building of a Business House on the foundations of big dreams, courage and integrity. We put principles before profits, knowing that
character is destiny.
The Goodness of Business

We believe that entrepreneurship and the management of capital is a noble calling. We build businesses which create goods and services that meet the needs of society, generate employment, and provide opportunities for individual growth and fulfilment. Our dream is to see a world flourishing with
everyone’s creativity.
House of Wisdom

Excellence in business is not just about knowledge and skills. It is also about wisdom. Clermont is a learning organisation. We learn from our failures and successes. We learn from history. And we learn from others. Our Clermont Academy trains and equips marketplace professionals to lead teams, build businesses and shape culture in the industries in which we operate.
A Stronger House
for the Next Generation

Some people measure success using accountants and economists, others by sociologists or historians. We measure our achievements in terms of the prosperity and well-being of the customers we serve and the marketplace territories we steward. However, without strength at home we cannot grow our businesses or expand our territories. Our first priority is building a stronger House for the next generation.